Cross-Platform Technical Assistance Solution

Pengram is a cross-platform telepresence application that allows for a group of users to engage in complex remote collaboration tasks.


Teleporting your company into the future

Unlike standard video conferencing software, Pengram teleports remote experts’ presence into the field technician’s physical space. Technicians will be able to remotely seek help from, and collaborate with, experts in the field in real-time.



-Holographically teleport expert to technician’s site
-Expert’s interaction with machine parts will be visible to the technician in real-time with additional video and audio sharing

Two-way Interaction

-Extensible toolbox of common repair tools
-Real-time object interaction in VR and AR
-Matching real and virtual objects


-Secure server to store all CAD designs
-Secure login & Identity Management


-We understand different working environments which require different equipment
-Our product is architected to be cross platform, working on headset-based AR and mobile AR.

Improve operator efficiency through for training, assembly, or typical troubleshooting procedures.

Reduce expert personnel on duty requirement and provide easy tutorial animation generation using VR.

Perfect for emergency trouble shooting or live instruction, reducing ambiguity through an intuitive communication medium.


Co-founders of VR @ Berkeley, UC Berkeley’s biggest VR/AR community.
Prior engineering experience at Google, Oculus, NASA, VMWare, Magic Leap. Graduate level researchers in computer vision, AR and HCI. 

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